DC Fancast Friday

#FancastFriday: Barbara Gordon

By Jatevin Murphy 

Hello again blerds and Blerdettes and welcome to yet another Fancast Friday on Geeks of Color. This weeks fancast as you probably guessed from the image above is a daddy daughter crime fighting duo, you guessed it none other than Jim and Barbara Gordon. Now anyone whose a Batman fan will recognize Jim Gordon as Commissioner Gordon Batman’s long time friend and partner within the GCPD. Also fans of Batman should recognize Barbara Gordon as Batgirl or as she used to be known…Oracle. These two are both crime fighters and important characters to Batman’s mythos and that’s why I chose them for this weeks fancast.  

My choice for Commissioner Gordon is none other than the fantastic Courtney B. Vance. Courtney has most recently portrayed Johnnie Cochran in Ryan Murphy’s television series The People V. OJ Simpson. Originally Danny Glover was my choice to play commissioner Gordon, after thinking about it a little longer I realized that I’d much rather have Mr. Vance. I chose Mr. Vance because he has incredible presence when he’s on screen and he is a fantastic actor. When I look at him I can see the moral compass and paragon of justice that Jim Gordon is. I can see him fighting for the people of Gotham and barking orders to members of the GCPD. I can see him standing on the roof of the GCPD building flipping the Bat signal on and waiting for his old friend to appear.


My choice for Barbra Gordon is none other than the beautiful and fabulous Aja Naomi King. When I think of Barbra Gordon I think of someone who is extremely intelligent, diligent, full of personality, wit, and talent. Many of you may know Aja from her role as Michaela on How To Get Away With Murder, but you’ll also get to see her soon as Cherry in Nate Parker’s Nat Turner film The Birth of a Nation. In her role as Michaela she’s shown that she’s an extremely talented actress and it’s this role that first made me start to see her a Batgirl. Michaela is a smart, determined, witty, sophisticated young woman who try as she may sometimes can’t seem to escape her upbringing. I can see Aja swinging from roof top to roof top delivering powerful roundhouse kicks to Gotham villains. I can see Aja standing in the Batcave with Alfred, Batman, Nightwing, and any number of Robins. I can see her as Batgirl and so could see her providing some much needed representation to little black girls everywhere. I could see her and Courtney B. Vance playing a convincing daddy daughter duo.



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