DC Fancast Friday

#FanCastFriday: Zatanna

By Jatevin Murphy 

Welcome Blerds and Blerdettes to another Fancast Friday, this weeks fancast is Zoe Kravitz as Zatanna Zatara, one of DC comics masters of the mystic arts. Ever since it was announced that Guillermo Del Toro was working on a Justice League Dark film writing the script I’ve been excited at the prospect of one of my favorite characters making her first leap to the big screen. I’ve gone over countless actresses who could play the part and do it well, but they were all obvious castings that while they were good they didn’t really present the opportunity to do something new with Zatanna.

All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks…..UntitledZoe Kravitz, she has everything that Zatanna should, she’s gorgeous, charismatic, passionate, fun loving, youthful, and the girl is a great actress. There is something about Zoe that has a mystical quality to it she feels like an old soul and if you look into her eyes it’s almost like you can see something magical lying just beneath the surface. When I think of Zatanna I think of a dark haired beauty whose looks come second to her immense talent and showmanship. When casting Zatanna it’s important to consider that she’s a stage magician and therefore she puts on one helluva show which plays into her immense charisma. Zoe has immense charisma, personality, wit, and when she’s on screen it’s hard to take your eyes off of her. I’d love nothing more than to see such a talented up and coming actress don the top hat and fishnets so closely associated with Zatanna. It also doesn’t hurt that Zoe’s stepfather Jason Momoa is already the DCEU’s Aquaman. 

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