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Why Falcon needs a MCU Origin Story

By Ife Ajayi-Bembe (@AlmightyIfe_)

Falcon a.k.a Sam Wilson, Captain America’s infamous sidekick was introduced to us in the best way possible…EARLY MORNING JOGGING. Yup, in the opening scene of ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ you can see Wilson jogging while Steve comes up fast and furious reminding him to keep to the left so he wouldn’t have to get knocked down.He does it a couple more times, then about the third time Sam hilariously getting frustrated and tries to catch up with Cap’s high metabolism but fails.But in my opinion it showed his determination and heart. Which is why  Cap was able to trust him when he found out that SHIELD  was compromised. Marvel ran with that story that he was an air force special operative which must have been where his mechanical wings originated from. But the comic origin says differently. He was a kid from Harlem whose father was gunned down while trying to stop a fight, and his mom was shot by a mugger. His depression and frustration led him down a life of crime.  He then goes on a mission where a  plane crashes on a caribbean island,  Where Red Skull is, long story short, Cap is there to save him and that’s when they become partners in vigilantism.  I strongly believe  that his origin as a criminal turned vigilante needs to be told.  Especially being the sidekick to arguably one of the most famous superheroes in the MCU. The origin would most likely be a dark one considering the deaths of his parents. It looks like it would if it happened to have the dark aura of the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil and  Jessica Jones. He also needs more attention in the MCU. Maybe giving him a part time role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Which would also be pretty serving Anthony Mackie’s character justice. His character really also has done great in Disney’s television show Avengers Assemble. His character was asked by Tony Stark to be ‘War Machine’ but instead took the mechanical wings to take on the mantle of Falcon. His character is also portrayed differently on the show, as a ex-SHIELD academy student, tech geek, and a sarcastic hero you will grow to love.


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