For a while now I’ve been mulling over who would make the perfect Billy Batson/Shazam combo, it’s a combination that has to work on multiple levels. When casting Billy Batson you have to think of someone who can be a lovable little scamp capable of being a little troublemaker while also being charming, comedic, witty, and the perfect picture of childlike innocence. Interestingly enough the same thing goes for casting Shazam considering he is basically a buff super-powered adult version of Billy who still very much thinks, acts, feels, and behaves like the child that Billy actually is. So after mulling over these qualities I’ve decided to dedicate my very first Fancast Friday here at Geeks of Color to fancasting Billy Batson and Shazam the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel.

So without further ado, the two actors that I’ve chosen are none other than Miles Brown who plays Jack Johnston on the hit tv show Black-ish and Charles Michael Davis who plays Marcel on the CW’s The Originals.


The reasons that I chose Miles Brown were because first and foremost the kid is freaking adorable its impossible to look at his cute little face and not want to keep him safe or root for him. The second reason that I chose Miles Brown is because as Jack Johnson he is quite the lovable little troublemaker and his charm, wit, charisma, and comedic timing make him the perfect candidate for Billy Batson. The Third and final reason that I specifically chose Miles is that he has a childlike wonder and innocence to him that just touches you from the moment he steps on screen until the moment you see him leave.

The reasons that I chose Charles Michael Davis were first and foremost he has a smile that’s just as captivating and heartwarming as Miles Brown. The second reason that I chose Charles because on The Originals he has a very a unique presence that’s quite different from all the other Vampires. When his character steps onto the screen you get the sense that he is just trying to do whats right, protect the innocent, and keep those he loves safe and all of this is conveyed to you before he even opens his mouth. Charles is a fantastic actor and he’s good at portraying a charming lovable little scamp with a hint of childlike innocence and wonder. The third and final reason that I chose Charles Michael Davis is because he actually looks like he could be an adult version of Miles Brown.

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